Tired of Marinara? Try One of These Sauces Instead

If you're in the mood for pasta, but want something a little different, try a different sauce. Here are five sauce ideas that will take your pasta from boring to wow! Lemon And Artichoke Pesto In a blender or food processor, add the following: three garlic cloves ¼ cup fresh lemon juice ¼ cup olive oil 1 cup raw almonds ½ cup packed basil leaves ½ cup Parmesan cheese one small jar of artichokes and their liquid Pulse until just blended. Read More 

Don’T (I)Run Away: What To Expect From A Persian Restaurant

So a hot new restaurant has opened in your area and your friend is dragging you along as they go to try it for the first time – the problem is, you have no idea what Persian food could even be like, much less what to expect from your new culinary experience. But you don't want to be that person who spends two hours looking at the menu and asking the waitstaff what every dish is like, so it's probably a good idea to go into it with a little more foreknowledge than you currently have. Read More 

3 Fun Tips To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Next Meal At A Buffet

Everyone loves a good smorgasbord. Whether it's time for a Sunday brunch or just the standard spread at your local lunch buffet, there's nothing quite like walking into a restaurant and seeing food, glorious food, as far as the eye can see. But if you want to truly get the most value out of your next trip to the buffet, here are a few tricks to keep in mind. Start With The Good Stuff Read More 

Rewarding Your Children with Pizza to Improve Their Education

A full education is one of the best ways to improve a life, but many children struggle in the early stages of the education process. Thankfully, it is possible to boost their education by creating a reward system that utilizes your local family pizza restaurant. Education Works Better with Rewards Although children are in many ways naturally inquisitive, rewarding them can help improve their education by encouraging them to work harder. Read More 

3 Authentic Spanish Dishes You Must Try

In America, many of the Mexican-American dishes that we know of are derived from a combination of Spanish, Latin-American, and indigenous peoples' recipes. In some respects that means that truly authentic Spanish dishes have fallen by the wayside in the American culinary tradition. This doesn't mean that they're impossible to find, however. Plenty of restaurants serve up authentic Spanish cuisine. Find one today and allow your taste buds to sample one of the following delicious dishes. Read More